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A delighted customer admiring a piece from Estelle Vernon Design, where elegance meets simplicity."

You Have a Beautiful Story to Tell

Welcome to Estelle Vernon Designs, where I create exquisite jewelry to inspire confidence and authentic self-expression

"For years, I have been collecting and enjoying Estelle Vernon's jewelry. Her work reflects sophistication and elegance and can be worn night and day. Such perfection is rare". ~Evelyn

Estelle Vernon at her workbench, creating jewelry that embodies her design mantra of elegant simplicity.

Expressing Your Individuality & Personal Style

Each of us is a survivor of something; illness, hardship, life, and it’s why we’re strong, confident, beautiful women. I hope my jewelry helps you express your individuality and personal style while making you feel amazing!

  • Do you love to express your personality through handcrafted jewelry?
  • Do you feel confident and authentically yourself out in the world?
  • Do you wear what you love without the need to follow the latest trends?

    Perfect. You’re right where you belong!
Estelle Vernon, once more at her bench, crafting wearable art with meticulous care.

Embracing Life's Challenges and Discovering Strength

In 1996, I was a healthy mom of three, getting ready to plan my youngest son’s Bar Mitzvah, and out of nowhere, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

 My life felt scary and my future suddenly uncertain, and I had to put my jewelry-making on hold to focus on getting well.

Estelle Vernon proudly displaying a handcrafted piece, reflecting the soul of her artistic vision.

Rediscovering Passion Through Adversity

When I was finally cancer-free, my passion for creating exquisite jewelry was stronger than ever before. 

I learned how fleeting life could be, which gave me a new purpose and fueled my passion for helping my customers feel beautiful in their skin and expressing their individuality through my jewelry.

Fallen tree bark; a natural inspiration behind Estelle Vernon's unique jewelry designs.

Inspiration Born from Nature's Resilience

During my first vacation following my treatment, I felt vibrant and lucky just to be alive.

While hiking, I discovered a fallen tree with the most beautiful design in the wood, likely from pine bark beetles. I snapped a picture, and this exquisite natural texture eventually became my signature design motif for my keum boo accented jewelry.

Inside the Studio

A Peek into My Process

The natural and artistic inspirations that fuel Estelle Vernon's unparalleled creativity.


My work is inspired by nature, texture, and a modern elegant aesthetic

Masterful techniques shaping Estelle Vernon's modern classics in jewelry.


Using the ancient technique of keum boo, I add 24k gold embellishments to my Yellowstone, Bryce, and Japanese Textile pieces to create a deep, rich contrast in my designs. This technique is applied to necklaces and earrings and is modern, distinctive, and timeless.

High-quality materials and artisanal craftsmanship, the cornerstones of Estelle Vernon's jewelry.


With a discerning eye for modern, elegant jewelry that is distinctive and versatile, I design with 14k, 18k, and 24k gold, sterling silver, gemstones, and a wide variety of pearls. My pearl and gemstone rings, earrings, and necklaces are versatile and classic but never stuffy!

High-quality materials and artisanal craftsmanship, the cornerstones of Estelle Vernon's jewelry.


Regardless of the materials or inspiration, my process is detail-oriented and maybe even a bit obsessive. Excellent craftsmanship is a must. I work meticulously to ensure my finished pieces are as perfect as I can make them.